Robin Koehler of NESTLINGS by Robin– Scrap Quilt Designer Showcase

It’s the 15th of October!  Which means a few things … it’s my half birthday (yeah!), it’s time for me to introduce you to another fabulous designer and it’s your last inspirational post before your Scrap Quilt Challenge Quilts are due (November 3rd).  Today I am really happy  to introduce you to Robin Koehler of NESTLINGS by Robin – almost exclusively on facebook, twitter, and her blog

nestlings by robin

Let’s hear what Robin had to say to my fun little questions before we head to her blog to find out more about her take on scrap quilting!

K: Why do you enjoy using fabric scraps for quilting?
R: I mostly use them in mini projects and usually because I really loved the
color family leftovers from another project and can't throw them away.

K: Do you have a secret or tip for storing your scraps?
R: So if the scraps from a project are enough to keep for a mini, they go
into a small bag and hung from a shower curtain hook on the closet rod in
my work room.

K: If someone were to have given you one tip for sewing/quilting when you
first started - what do you wish they would have told you?

R: I think a scrap management system would have been very helpful because if
you become passionate about this world, then the scraps and the stash pile
up very quickly!
K: What's your favorite color to use in your quilts?
R: I tend toward blacks, greens, reds, and golds.


K: If you have a picture and/or story of your favorite quilt you've made
using scraps thus far ... please attach and share.

R: I am attaching a picture of a small wall hang that I made a match set of
(one for my mom and one from me) using the leftovers from a show quilt.
The iris is a Katie Lane Design.  The show quilt turned out lovely and I
just couldn't get rid of the leftovers so these were made and then a few
small pins and now the itty bitty leftovers need to go!

Now – head on over to Robin’s blog to see what she has to share with you about using your scraps!



Shiny New Barn Quilt Block

The 11th block for Therm O Web’s Mystery ‘Block of the Month’  featuring DecoFoils has been revealed!  I was chatting with my friend on what would be a good “theme” for one and we came up with barns! 


So – of course I had to put a shy barn quilt on my barn.

Find out how you can make this fun barn block by checking out my post on ThermoWeb’s blog!




Modern Quilt Entry–Propelled Pixels

The second category I’m going to enter for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival is “Propelled Pixels”.  I’m entering this one into the Modern Quilt Category although it is also an original design.  So many quilts fit so many categories!

propelled pixels 1“Propelled Pixels” is a quilt I designed and made for the Michael Miller Modern Quilt Challenge back in 2014.  It was also juried into Quilt Con 2015 which was pretty sweet.  Each square is actually log cabin made of nine patches.  I decided to orientate my log cabin blocks in a pinwheel fashion.  If you want to see more of my process … check it out HERE.propelled pixels

“Propelled Pixels” also proudly hung at the exhibit “Quilt Making: A Modern Practice” this past January.  It was really cool to see all these amazing quilts hung in a gallery setting!
Now – go on back over and check out the other modern quilts!  They are all so cool!  If you love “Propelled Pixels” I would really appreciate a nomination for “Viewer’s Choice”.

Original Quilt Entry–Cerise to Blush

I can’t believe I almost missed this falls’ Blogger’s Quilt Festival Hosted by Amy Ellis!  I love the Bloggers Quilt Festival!  It’s such a great way to see what everyone has been up to, check out everyone’s work and of course – strut your stuff!

My first entry is going into the “Original Quilt” category.

“Cerise to Blush” is the result of my final project for Lorraine Torrence’s Design I Class at Mill House Quilts.  This class was amazing for me as I’ve always created per my gut and not really known any of the color/design theory behind what I’m doing.  Now I think I have at least some idea!

IMG_9032This quilt was made as a result of blocks I made from a homework assignment based on scale, value, and symmetry!  We could have done the assignment with paper or gluing fabric to paper but if I’m going to do something … I wanted to be able to eventually make something out of it.  IMG_9038You can read more about my process on this quilt by going to my original post HERE.IMG_9040

I do have to say that I did do the free motion quilting all by myself – I mixed pebbles with wavy line quilting and I think it was great!

“Cerise to Blush” has hung at two shows since I finished it.


It took a blue ribbon at the Lodi Valley Ag Fair.


And it was accepted and hung at the 2016 Quilt Expo!

It’s always fun to see your quilts hanging so others can check it out too!

Now – go on back over and check out the other original quilts!  They are all amazing!  If you love “Cerise to Blush” I would really appreciate a nomination for “Viewer’s Choice”.

Pat Sloan, the Voice of Quilting–Scrap Quilt Designer Showcase

Happy September 15th!  It’s a great day on my blog … time for another guest blogger for the Scrap Quilt Challenge! Today we get to meet one of my most favorite people – Pat Sloan!  You can find her on Facebook and Instagram too!


I met Pat Sloan at the 2015 Spring Market … I just had to do a #selfie with her!

Before we see what scrappy block she wants to share with you … let’s see what she had to say to my interview questions!

K: Why do enjoy using fabric scraps for quilting?

P: There are always favorite fabrics, ones I can’t bear they will eventually be gone.  Keeping precious small squares to use in a future scrap project makes me very happy!


K: Do you have a secret or tip for storing your scraps?

P: I have a very small home, and very small studio area in this very small home. And I design mostly with my own fabric lines and new lines. This means I have to be very smart and selective on what scraps I store.  I experimented and found that for right now, I just keep 2.5” squares. I store them by color in clear plastic shoeboxes. And I keep those very near by so that it’s EASY to put the squares in them.


K: If someone where to have given you one tip for sewing/quilting when you first started - what do you wish they would have told you?

P: I wish they had told me right away that I could applique by machine!


K: What's your favorite color to use in your quilts?

P: Red, red, deliciously red!

K: If you have a picture and/or story of your favorite quilt you've made using scraps thus far ... please attach and share.

pat sloan woolies 4 lb challenge quilt pic 2 fullsize

P: "My friendship group issued a challenge to use strips of my fabric. We called it the 4lb challenge because I gave everyone 4lbs of strips!”

Heidi Jeri and Debbiekimberly 2 quilts her label and debbie labellina joan and patty wsue two quilts pat and measuring

It’s so fun to see what folks did with all those scraps from Pat!


Thanks for that fun little interview Pat!

Pat Sloan wanted me to share with you her fun little scrappy block that comes with a challenge in itself – her “Scrap Happy Courthouse Steps” block!  I love it and it’s an absolutely perfect block for using your scraps up!

scrap happy log cabin by pat sloan

You can go and see what I’m talking about by visiting her challenge page HERE.  If you make a block or three of these be sure to link up below to share with everyone!



And don’t forget to link up your scrap quilt finishes per the challenge rules by November 3rd!


City Sampler Quilt Along - Again

I just couldn’t resist any longer!  All the instagram pictures under the hashtag #100days100blocks were getting to me and I had to join in the quilt along fun of the 100 blocks in Tula Pink’s City Sampler book!

tula block 1

This particular quilt along is being run by gnomeangel and it’s been so much fun seeing what other folks are doing with their blocks and what fabrics they are selecting.  There are also sponsors with prizes to be won!  Doesn’t get much better than that, eh?

tula block 5

I’m going an entirely different direction than I did with my first City Sampler quilt (do you remember that one?  You can see it HERE if you missed it).  I’m using mostly an indigo/mustard color palette.

tula block 12

I purchased some great indigo dyed fabric (and one mustard hand-dyed too) from Jennifer Falkowski during the summer and I had been itching to use them!  They are just too gorgeous to let sit in my piles of fabric for too long!

tula first 25

Here are my first 25 blocks all on my design wall.  I am just loving where this is heading.  I didn’t have enough of the dyed fabric from Jennifer to make a whole quilt so I am mixing in other indigo/blue/mustardy fabrics from my stash to add into the quilt.  One of my favorite quotes from my mother-in-law is “Why use five fabrics when you could use 50?”  SO TRUE! 

tula block 17

Instagram accounts to watch!

GnomeAngel: well … not only is she the organizer of this great challenge – her blocks are pretty fabulous too!  She’s using all Lizzy House fabrics!

GoGoKim: she’s actually doing two sets of 100 blocks … and one of those sets is all made out of clothing!

LauraPlus3and1 – her 18th block is one of the most amazing fussy cut blocks I’ve EVER seen!!!!

Be sure to follow me on instagram to see how my 100 blocks progress!

Adelaide Flying Boat Hot Yoga Mat

It’s no secret that I’ve recently become addicted to hot yoga.  I “accidently” tried it when I went back to the gym after a few months away.  I had looked at the class schedule online and thought that “Flow” would be a great way to start back!  It’s a great class that’s a workout but not requiring quite as much as say kickboxing would for a first time back at the gym.


I arrived at the gym with my yoga mat and flip flops only to find out the yoga flow class was in all actuality – hot yoga flow. I had two choices – leave having done nothing since I didn’t bring tennis shoes with me or suck it up and give it a try.  Knowing myself, I knew if I left I would not be coming back … it was time to suck it up and give it a try.  I’m now officially hooked.  I heart Hot Yoga.


This summer I even joined in on a hot yoga challenge – I had to do 33 classes over 11 weeks.  This doesn’t sound too bad until you factor in that it’s SUMMER, the girls are home and it takes me 25 minutes just to get to class (so 50 minutes spent driving + 1 hour in class + 10 minutes getting coffee = 2 hours spent not hanging with my girls or sewing). But like I said, above I LOVE hot yoga!  The challenge was also made easier when a hot yoga family class was added and my girls all LOVED going!  Yeah! 


Unfortunately I did not complete the challenge.  I made it to 30 of my 33 classes.  I ended up being sick for a week and the challenge overlapped into apple season.  I know I could have completed it if I had really stuck to it but there’s a point where sleep during apple season is super important and spending the last day off with my kids before school starts also trumps the challenge.  But no worries – I’ll be back at hot yoga at 5:30am on Wednesday!  Just because the challenge is done it doesn’t mean I am!


In June I shared with you my new pattern for the “Flying Boat Yoga Mat” and today I’m a guest blogger at Therm O Web where I show you how you can add inspiring words to your yoga mat. 

IMG_1063Dear Stella Designs generously sent me a bundle of the beautiful Adelaide fabric that I made a “Flying Boat Yoga Mat” with.  The quilting was done by Mindy Skinner of Stitches by Mindy.


Have you ever tried hot yoga?  Or are you like I used to be … thought it would NEVER be for you?  (I can’t even sit in a hot tub and can handle about 1 minute in a sauna.)