Pip at Level 2 State Gymnastics

My baby – yes she’s 6 – but she’s still my baby, had her Level 2 State Gymnastics meet today.  I have to admit now that I’ve been through it with my big girls I’m not quite as stressed out at the meet.  The great thing about Level 2 is everyone gets a trophy and everyone gets a medal.  Which is something I don’t agree with always – but for littles, getting up in front of everyone for their first time and performing gymnastics – yes, everyone going away with a prize is appropriate.  Don’t worry – by the time the kids move onto Level 3 the “everyone gets a prize” thing is over.  (And yes – my big girls don’t always earn a medal/trophy but it really makes them work harder and I’m ok with that).  gymnastics pip trophy

Pip started her meet on beam and got an 8.9!  Which is amazing!!!! Her routine was beautiful!

gymnastics pip

Next up was floor and she rocked that as well!  It’s so crazy how tight she stays and what pointy toes she has.

gymnastics pip gold

Then it was vault.  For whatever reason this is her nemisis.  She has the weirdest run ever – seriously – it’s “odd”.  Anyway – she did the best she’s done and ended up with a score of 8.75.  Woot!

gymanstics pip sisters

Finally it was uneven bars.  Now this is typically her best event … if she can get her mill circle it’s near perfect.  Well – this time she got her mill circle too well and went around twice!  Cringe!  So … she got a 7.85.  Oh well!  She did her best and had fun!  No big deal.

Now wait – in level 2 they give a bronze medal to the bottom half, then a silver to the next quarter and gold medals to the top quarter.  They’re announcing the bronze … no Pip.  I’m sure she’ll be announced with the silver.  Nope!  She took 5th with a gold medal!  I’m amazed!!!! I’m so proud of that kiddo!  I guess her scores were solid enough to get her that gold! 

It was a great year of gymnastics for all my girls!  I can’t thank the coaches enough for the patience they have with my girls and how much they’ve taught them.  Gymnastics is not an easy sport and it has done so much for all of my kiddos. 

DIY Cloth Napkins

Every year at my orchard I have a big craft sale called the “Hand Crafted Hoedown for the Holidays.” I like to make some things that help me use up my stash and also makes me a little bit of money too. 


This year I whipped up some cute cloth napkins using layer cakes!  They are easy peasy and turn into really cute re-usuable cloth napkins!


I made some that were Christmas themed and some that could be used all year round. IMG_8549 I didn’t take any process pictures but all you do is sew two pieces of a layer cake right sides together 1/4” all around the squares – leaving about a 4-inch space not sewing together.  Flip like you would when you make a pillow.  Press the seams sharply, making sure to tuck the 4-inch not sewn space under.  Top stitch an 1/8-inch around the entire napkin edge!  Voila!  You have an adorable cloth napkin!

I sold quite a few at my sale but if I can get my act together you may see a few in my etsy shop over the next week or so …

Weekly Holiday Sales

Since it’s December and the holidays are just around the corner there are a TON of online sales going on.  This post is purely to help me earn some money from blogging but also will help keep you informed so you don’t miss out on some great deals.  If you click on the links below AND make a purchase I will receive a commission which then helps me justify the amount of time I spend on here to my family.  Thanks in advance!


The 12 Days of Craftsy goes until December 21st!  Be sure to stop by each day to see the amazing deals they have to offer!

Sew Sweetness

Sew Sweetness currently has an amazing deal on her new Minikins! Right now get a 12 pattern+video bundle of adorable Minikin bags for just $80!  These are all great for handmade gifts this holiday season!


ADORNit is your one stop shop for adorable fabric, crafting supplies, and even clothing!  Definitely a store you should visit to help check a few names off your Christmas list.

Quilty Box

Looking for the perfect gift for your best quilting buddy?  (BQB)  Look no farther – surprise them with a fabulous subscription to the Quilty Box!  They will LOVE you for it!


DIY Apple Gift Bags

Want to snazz up your holiday gift bags this season?  Add some flair to a bag that the giftee can use year round!

Apple Gift Bags

See how you can make these adorable apple tote bags over on ThermoWeb’s blog!

Trim the Tree and Deck the Halls

In my mission to get some “Christmas Spirit” I decided it was time to get the house decorated!  Now – I couldn’t hang ornaments until the girls got home because that’s definitely a family thing but I could do some of the other decorating while they were at school.

Christmas Tree Collection

The first thing I did was put up my tree collection.  Instead of santas or snowmen … I collect trees! I don’t have a good picture of it but I also tied a bunch of shatterproof ornaments from ribbons and hung them over our kitchen table.  If you check out my instagram stories you should see a peak at this crazy!  Luckily my husband loves my crazy and thought it looked cool instead of being mad about the holes in the ceiling Winking smile!


Once the girls got home from school we started trimming the tree right away.  They had gymnastics but Cedi had a sore throat so we thought tonight would be a good night to take a break and get the decorating done. I love all the memories that come back when I hang ornaments on the tree.  The angel about is 35 years old!  My godparents gave it to me for my very first Christmas.


I have a lot of cousins so when my grandma passed away we each just got one or two things to remember her by.  I got a juice glass (she always gave us tang in the morning!) and her collection of bells for the Christmas tree.  Each year when I hear them ring I think of my grandma.IMG-8413 We have a cottage style house so we cut down a tall tree from our backyard.  This year it’s only about 16-feet and it’s definitely a Charlie Brown tree – just how I like it!  We had the tree decorated by 6:30 with minimal yelling and fighting … I call that a win!  IMG-8414I don’t know if I have my Christmas spirit just yet but today definitely helped!

Project QUILTING Past–a Look Back

Last night I decided to post the very first quilt I ever made for the very first Project QUILTING challenge.  Just a little look back at “Project QUILTING Past”.  ShooflyThe very first challenge was “shoofly”.  The twist on the challenge was that you had to incorporate at least one striped fabric.  I couldn’t just use a striped fabric so I made my own by stitching on ribbon, yarn and other fibers.  I was really proud of how this turned out and it’s always great to take a look back to see where it all began!

Folks have been posting their first Project QUILTING Quilts in the Challenge Quilt Group and the Project QUILTING page.  Be sure to head over and check out the fun!

Tomte Christmas

Typically I’m one to be one of those annoying people bursting with Christmas spirit and cheer.  So far this year, it has not been the case.  I’m determined to switch things around though and even tried searching pinterest for “Finding Christmas Spirit.” Nothing sounded thrilling to me … so I’m going to work on my own method.

purple tompte

Scandinavian Tomte’s by NORDIKatja

First – I think I really need to get my house decorated.  This is really the only season we decorate for as my house is already bursting with “things” that it’s just too much to swap it all around every season but for Christmas I make the exception.  We just got back from an amazing vacation which put us a bit behind.  The tree was chopped down from our backyard today and is currently standing in its 18-feet of glory, tied to the wall and railing, with the lights on – no ornaments yet.  The ornaments will have to wait until we can all be together as a family … not fighting … but I can get up my tree collection and other fun Christmas knick knacks. 

tomte embroidery

Tomte’s by RamblingElectica

I know you’ll probably think I’ve been living under a rock but I hadn’t really noticed Tomte’s before – and they’re adorable!  I think a few of these cute little fellow’s on my shelves will help brighten things up a bit …

tompte pattern

I also found a pattern so I can make my own.  I’m guessing this will definitely be a project my daughter Capri and I will enjoy doing together.

tomte quilt pattern

And as long as I’m on a Tomte kick … I should probably piece one of mossandlotus’s Tomte’s paper pieced quilt blocks!

What other Christmas themed things are your favorite?  What helps get you into the Christmas spirit?

Proudest Finish 2017–Season 8 of Project QUILTING

Todays Instagram prompt for Color Girl Quilts’ #MyCreative2017 is “My Proudest Finish” gave me the perfect topic for todays 31 Day Blog Challenge post.  2017-02-19

Here are all the quilts I finished for Season 8 of Project QUILTING.

My proudest finish isn’t actually a quilt – it’s a challenge I ran on my blog – Project QUILTING.  This year Project QUILTING exploded!  In 2016, 282 quilts were completed and in 2017, 711 quilts were completed during the 6 challenge weeks.  That’s just over a 250% INCREASE in participation!  I have to say – I’m pretty darn proud of that statistic and I really can’t wait to see what Season 9 of Project QUILTING will bring!  (Starts January 7th, 2018)

Want to join in the fun?

Layer Cake Pop–Quilt Finish

The 31 Day Blog Challenge with Cheryl Sleboda starts today and I am committed to completing it for the 3rd year in a row.  Today, I’m going to share with you a quilt I finished at the end of the summer but haven’t had time to blog about it.

IMG_7682-001Here is my finished Layer Cake Pop Quilt I made for a Quilt Along with the Fat Quarter Shop earlier this year.


I sent it to the talented Frank Palmer for the quilting.  He did such an AMAZING job!  IMG_7698-001The pictures I’m posting don’t do the quilting justice… it is beyond perfection! A ton of ruler work mixed with some classic feathering.  Just what I wanted without knowing I wanted it!


I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this quilt but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I have fun mixing the unexpected … in this case solid fabric with a batik layer cake!


And of course – I had to share a “Quilt in the Wind” shot!

Linking up to Finish it Up Friday.

Black Friday Deals at Therm O Web

Happy Black Friday everyone!  I love black friday– it’s a great day to stock up on things for the holidays AND supplies to keep me quilting, crafting, creating all year round!  Today I’m going to feature the fabulous deals you can find on the Therm O Web website.


This post contains affiliate links. If you click on my links and make a purchase from that click, I will receive compensation.


I’m a proud designer for Therm O Web which is the company that makes things like Fusible Interfacing and Deco Foil amongst other things!


Throughout the past few years I’ve shared with you projects I’ve done that have utilized Thermoweb products.  Above is a BOM I shared that featured decofoil.  Decofoil is a fun and easy way to add pizzazz to any quilting project!  You can even decofoil on rocks if you want!

chubby elephant mug rug

Thermoweb has a great product for paper piecing too - StitchnSew™ EZ Print Quilt Block Sheets – and you can see how it works on my post about my “Chubby Elephant” mug rug!

Another one of their products I absolutely love are the inkjet transfer sheets! They work great on dark or light fabrics. 

IMG_5489 - CopyMy favorite thing to do right now is to print pictures onto the lite fabric transfer sheets and fusing it to fabrics that then show through the picture.  It creates such an amazing “arty” effect – I just know I’ll be doing this more in the future!  See more about it on the “Time Warp” quilt post.

Keep an eye on the ThermoWeb blog for the next few weeks especially to get more great diy gift and ornament ideas!

memory tree

I posted a tutorial for making the “Memory Tree” ornament last year for the holidays. 

I recommend using this great sale to stock up on …

at the very least!  Be sure to check out the site and the blog for more great ideas and ways to use their fantastic projects. 

If you’re into challenges … *throat clear* like Project QUILTING … all these products are great to have at hand!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I live a blessed life – I have a great family, plenty (if not too much) food in my belly, a warm house, a comfy bed and of course – tons of quilts to keep me warm.


Today I am thankful for all of you.  Of everyone who reads my posts, likes my pictures on instagram, and keeps encouraging me to make.  I hope that my “making” is encouraging you to do so as well.

Lately I’ve been analyzing my brand and my goals.  What do I want to get from this little business of mine?  Well – I want to inspire you!  Somehow I’d like to make a little money doing just that but really, my main goal is inspiration. 


So thank you for letting me help inspire you to create through challenges like Project QUILTING and the Scrap Quilt Challenge.  I hope you continue to watch and be inspired as my creative journey continues to take me places that are unexpected!

Enjoy today with your families and friends! And thank you to all of you!


2017 Scrap Quilt Challenge Winners!

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Good morning everyone!  My apologies on the delay of announcing the winners of the 2017 Scrap Quilt Challenge!  With the end of apple season I just haven’t been able to catch up with things.  It’s going to work out to all of your benefit though … next years challenge will have a later due date!  Stay Tuned!

47 scrappy quilts were made for the challenge!  If you haven’t checked them out yet – I’ve posted the link up below!  Be sure to take a closer look at them all and share your encouragement and support to all these hard working quilters!

I used random.org to determine the prize winners.



Urban Zoologie Charm Pack by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman Fabrics goes to quilt 18!  Congratulations Kim Van Etten!



Backyard Roses by Nadra Ridgeway Charm Pack for Riley Blake Designs goes to quilt 5!

Congratulations Lisa Marie!



Pacific by Elizabeth Harman, Cool Colorstory Charm Pack for Robert Kaufman Fabrics goes to quilt 7!

Congratulations Anita SS!



Pacific by Elizabeth Harman, Warm Colorstory Charm Pack for Robert Kaufman Fabrics goes to quilt 34!

Congratulations Dale Hinshaw McMasters!



Doe by Carolyn Friedlander Charm Pack for Robert Kaufman Fabrics goes to quilt 25!

Congratulations tshfarm!



Free Spirit Charm Pack goes to quilt 17!

Congratulations Lynn of Quiltin 4 Fun!



The Kaffe Fasset Collective Charm Pack for Rowan Fabric goes to quilt 10!

Congratulations Carla!



Sun Print 2016 by Alison Glass Charm Pack for Andover Fabrics goes to quilt 3!

Congratulations lizquiltz!



Reel Time Charm Pack by Bridgette Heitland for Zen Chic for moda goes to quilt 1!

Congratulations bluefigquilts!



Artisan Batiks Charm Packs by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman Fabrics goes to quilt 23!

Congratulations Slice of Pi Quilts!



A Tonga Treats for Timeless Treasures goes to quilt 6!

Congratulations Jo’s Adventures in Quilting!

PRIZE 12 – 15


And four (4) Orange Peel Templates that were a mis-cut – 10 3/4” x 4 3/4”.  They don’t fit a precut but they are PERFECT for scrap busting!

Quilt 46 …  Congratulations BeckyJeffers!

Quilt 33 ... Congratulations Jill M!

Quilt 22 … Congratulations theMama12!

and the last winner ….

Quilt 15 .. Congratulations Sewing Out of My Comfort Zone!

Head over to the main Scrap Quilt Challenge page to find out all the details for the next Scrap Quilt Challenge!

Great job everyone!  It’s been fun seeing what you’re all creating!

If you’re not in the Scrap Quilt Challenge Group on Facebook yet I highly recommend heading on over and signing up!


Looking for inspiration for next year!?

Here are a few of my favorite books great for “scrappy” quilts!

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